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Adam and Nate
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An Afternoon with The Avenger Gaming Table
Student Documentary
by David Little

Hello there! Welcome to the Ultimate Gaming Table website!
The "Avenger" Table was built in early 2000, by myself a gamer since 1980, and my father. It's sole purpose was to make the gaming experience "better." Long had I sat upon the floor, held on to clipboards, or sat around dining room or coffee tables, and I had always wanted something more. However, I did not have the tons of cash to purchase some large, slick, custom table. Big surprise right?
Nor was there anything available via the "open market".

Well, with my own ideas, input from players, and some common sense, I set about designing a table which could suffice as a permanent upgrade, and something I could declare as a "GAMING TABLE". (In the RPG sense) But it had to be done on my slim budget. As the pieces started to come together, and with budget still in pocket, we began to make additions, add in some flavor, and ultimately come up with some pretty cool ideas. And just like that, the Ultimate Gaming Table was born! Well not technically, but you get the point.

In fact, there are several UGT's (Ultimate Gaming Tables) out there, and all are very cool and offer different takes, styles, and capabilities. So "UGT" is merely just a term for being a really cool game table. My UGT, called the "Avenger", has become pretty popular for several reasons. Cost mainly, as the table itself is inexpensive as custom furniture prices go. And it's practical, because it simply fits most of a gamers needs. On top of that, there's it's enviornment. In 2004 the "Gaming Room" was built. While basically being a housing for the UGT the room really does add a little BLING to the Table itself. Cost wise the room also was fairly inexpesive. Right around $2000, which a tax return so aptly paid for. Since then I've continued to add gadgets and toys/tools when and where I can.

The whole purpose of this website is to share and inspire. Gamers are a breed apart. Unlike alot of other hobbies or professions, gamers have a great tendency to share information, stories, and knowledge. Granted we all still buy the books, but that's of little cost compared to the experiences we usually take away. In that aspect, I humbly share the design, purpose, and progress of the "Avenger" Ultimate Gaming Table!

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Table Overview:
The "Avenger" table is a custom built gaming table, made with 2 important things in mind.
A) Cost effective - we paid roughly around $250 (in the year 2000 mind you) *probably around $500 These days*
B) Size does matter!

The table itself has 32 square feet of playing surface. Yes, 32 Sq Feet of PLAYING SURFACE!!
That's not counting storage space for character sheets, dice, books, drinks, ect.

-- The "Avenger" Table is 8' x 4' with a 1" grid in it. It's covered with plexiglass for use with Wet Erase Markers.
-- It has 6 Pull out trays, (3 on each side) also covered with plexiglass. Character sheets and info can be slid underneath for wet erase up keeping if desired.
-- There are two, 4' Long fold-up trays at each end, with enough room for either 1 DM or 2 Players. The table comfortably seats 9!
-- There is also 4 Pull-Out Cup holders. Each with 2 individual cup holders. That's 8 Total, for drinks, dice, munchies, ect.
-- The table is on a solid base and is heavy enough to prevent the "accidental bump" from knocking stuff over.
-- The white paint job allows light to easily bounce off the surface to help illuminate objects even when we turn the room lights down. It's also nice for use with varying color markers to represent water, fire, dirt, grass, ect... And the contrast against terrain is easier on the eyes.
-- And lastly, the "Avenger" table is excellent for any other gaming hobbies, from board games & card games, to drinking games! Being multi functional was a must!

Game Room Overview:
-- The Room was built in a 2 car detached garage. It's 24' by 21'. So it's really big! (size does matter), We insulated the walls, and built a ceiling which is also insulated.
-- We left a 6 foot wide storage closet which runs the 21' depth, for old garage storage.
-- The room has a bookcase for all things "RPG", like books, manuals, magazines, and binders. It also holds the stereo, and pens/pencils.
-- Near the Dm's chair are the shelves for Mini's. They were specifically designed to be expandable as a collection grows.
-- Underneath them are container bins for storing terrain and other objects. As well as notes, paper, and art supplies.
-- The room has it's own
Mini Fridge! (A gamer must have)
-- We installed an Air conditioner unit, and man can it get cold, even in the Houston summers!
-- We put in a sliding glass door toward the back yard, and a small cement block porch, so those who want a quick stretch or smoke can still see the game table.
-- The door is covered with vertical blinds which can be opened or closed, or pulled back as desired.
-- The room has an intercom system for quick communication to anyone in the house.
-- We carpeted the room with some easy to get indoor/outdoor carpet, and put down a large throw rug. This along with the insulation completely baffles the old garage sound.
-- There's a board game/box set storage rack in the corner to hold the old standby games of course. And some of the larger terrain objects.
-- The room is lit by 3 fluorescent light racks, with 4 lights in each, which can individually be turned on or off. The porch also has an individual light for lighting the back yard.

-- The walls have tons of room for Maps, Dry Erase Boards, Pictures, and even our own Dice Hanger for everyones Dice Bags. Gotta take care of your players =)
-- Around the room the ceiling border is made with modules dating back into the 70's. Pretty cool for nostalgic reasons. Lots of memories there!
-- We've installed a PA system with 2 large speakers. Along with a simple music stand and Boom Mic stand. The DM can now use the Vocal Effects pedal to change his voice to fit the NPC he's emulating. Plus it's not bad for getting everyones attention too!!
-- The room is equipped with the Motorola IMfree wireless instant messenger system! It supports 7 wireless, hand held units which allow the use of AIM. The whole system functions from a hub which hooks into a USB port on the house computer. Not only can we chat with each other around the table, but we can converse with anyone on AIM anywhere.
-- The room now added a WideScreen TV! Thanks to a tremendous DONATION!
-- We've added another playe side bookcase, which holds extra players books, some board games, large minis, and other flavor decor!



We'd love to hear any feedback, or if you have any questions please feel free to email us
Make sure to let us know how you heard about us!!! (ie: what forum, website, ect.)

ALSO, if you are in the Houston area and would like to see the "Avenger" Table first hand, send me an email as well. We've had many visitors and met many great people, who simply wanted to see it for themselves.

Well friends and gamers, I finally got around to getting profesional building instructions drawn up!
If you'd like to get your hands on some detailed instructions click Here.

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